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WA, FB, IG Today error (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram Interference)

Social media Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experience glitches globally. The problem arose since Thursday, March 14, 2019 in the morning.

Facebook users cannot post and use Messenger services. Similar to Instagram, usage cannot send photos and videos. Users also cannot log in to the application.

The damage then continues to WhatsApp. Users cannot send photos or videos via WhatsApp.

Reporting from BBC, the disruption to the three biggest social media in the world globally. Not only in Indonesia, disruptions also occur abroad. Until now the cause of the disorder is unknown.

"We realize that some people currently have difficulty accessing Facebook applications and their families. We are working to resolve this problem as soon as possible, "the company said in a statement.
While on Twitter Tag #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown have been used more than 150,000 times so far. Netizens protested the disruption experienced by the three social media

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